Sunday, 6 May 2012

Blogger's Block

I awoke to the sound of wind whistling through the tall trees that line the lake.  Dark clouds painted the sky a charcoal grey.  I sat up and saw the same colour reflected in the lake's waters.

"Well, are we going riding?"  My partner asked.  

We always go cycling on the weekends and I was eager yesterday (I have a new bike) but cycling in a cold head wind is not my idea of fun.  

"Can I have a cup of tea?"  I asked instead and snuggled back down under the bed covers.  The cat stretched at the foot of the bed before tucking into a tight little ball of tortoiseshell fluff.

Today is blogging day and I had no topic.
Last weekend I didn't blog either, as we spent the weekend with friends.  I do, actually, have many topics in mind.  I have to tell you about my new writing schedule which is working wonders; I've got a piece on the back burner about what makes us care about characters in fiction; and I have lots of reviews to write ...

So I drank one cup of tea and finished reading a story.  Then a second cup and a different story.  I finally made it out of bed, confronted the cold (it's autumn here) and emailed some fellow writers.

We had breakfast, scrambled egg on toast and fresh coffee.  Then I was in my little writing space, with a view of the lake, writing my novel.  

I love writing at the moment and cannot get enough of it.

Lunch was a bowl of pasta, followed by more writing.

This afternoon I made a cup of tea and read a short story called 'Snow White and the Seven Dogs' by Denise Moncrief (part of a compilation called 'Unleashed Hearts') and really enjoyed it, perfect for an afternoon read and cup of tea.  

Then I was back at the computer writing more of my novel before nap time - love weekend naps.

The sun set, not that we could see it through those dark clouds, I ran a warm bath and poured a wine.

Finally, as I lolled in the bath, I tried to think of a topic for this week's blog post.  Nothing.  I googled 'what to blog about?' (I take my iPad to the bath) this took me to a number of sites giving blogging tips.  I only read one, "Blog regularly", well I've failed there, haha!

Essentially, I think I've got blogger's block, brought on by a serious desire to write creatively.  Or, maybe I'm just lazy ;)

See you next week.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I am looking forward to reading that post on your writing schedule though - and I think the post you're considering on making readers care about characters could REALLY help me out just about now ;)

  2. Great post even though I may be a bit late in enjoying it! Really looking forward to seeing the post about characters in fiction! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend too :) Hope on over to my blog when you find the time as I have an award waiting for you :)