Friday, 15 July 2011

Join me?

Hi I'm Aderyn.  I'm one of the millions out there who have dreams of authorial success!  Sounds a little grandiose doesn't it?  Well, it probably is.  The purpose of this blog is multifold.  Of course I want to (eventually) advertise my novel, when it's finished ('if' may be more appropriate), but I also want to share the whole writing process with other interested or potential authors.   I would like to take you on a journey from the humble beginnings of a new writer to something more.
In addition to this, I like to review.  Therefore, I want to provide fellow readers with my views about books, old and new.  So, please feel free to visit this blog on occasion to read some reviews on ebooks.
"Ebooks!?" I hear you exclaim.  You may be surprised at the depth and breadth, not to mention the price, of a whole range of ebooks.  So if you do not yet possess an ipad or kindle, might I suggest you investigate them?  I'll also be reviewing ebooks from very new/unheard of authors, which could go either way.  But many of us are willing to take the risk, after all, big publishing houses don't always get it right.
To conclude this inaugural blog, I'm looking forward to the day when someone ... anyone, reads it ... it will be a grand day!

Until next week,


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