Saturday, 8 February 2014

Indie Book Marketing 101 - Build a list for crying out loud!

I've been fluffing around on this blog and twitter for a while now, mostly procrastinating, but every now and then making a serious attempt to 'market' my humble debut publication 'The Viscount's Son'. I am about to release my second publication and I thought maybe it's time I get my butt into gear with the whole marketing thing.  After all, the indie author - especially the newbie indie author - has to do everything themselves. There's no PR department in a big publishing house to do the hard yards for us. As much as most of us hating blowing our own trumpet, it's that trumpet that will get our books read.

Guard your email list like it's a magic scroll!

So during my many hours of procrastination research, I've read a few blogs and listened to a few podcasts that all scream the same message: when it comes to marketing, your indie book needs social media. And what's more important than blogs, twitter and Facebook combined?

Build an email list.

Yes. That's it. Build a simple - nothing fancy - email list.  I was shocked at the lack of fanfare when I first stumbled across this little gem of advice. "What? That's it?" I thought. And apparently, according to many already accomplished indie authors, it is the email list that is the single most important means of reaching readers and developing a connection. And that connection is what readers like most.

I've finally got around to taking this advice and doing something with it. I've set up an account with Mail Chimp (if it's good enough for Hugh Howey, it's good enough for me).  But how do I start building this list? Well, with all the procrastination and navel gazing I seem to partake in I was able to come up with a brilliant idea!

Sign up to win a free paperback.

**UPDATE** Thank you to everyone who signed up. I have drawn the winners and sent an email out. I will have more giveaways for my list in the near future.

I have nine paperback copies of that humble first publication 'The Viscount's Son' to give away (I only meant to order 1 from Amazon but accidentally ordered 10 ... don't ask). So ... I am going to put all the names of the people who join my list into a hat and pull out nine (assuming that nine people actually join up!), and those lucky readers will receive a free, signed, brand new, never been opened paperback copy of my little novelette. Not immediately as I can only afford to pay for the slow shipping delivery but you'll get it eventually ;)

What will joining my list mean for you? Well I'm not going to spam you every day, only once a week ... no, just kidding. The top benefit will be the exclusive deals and free books I'll be giving out to my list only. Members will also receive information about my new releases before anyone else.  So I'm aiming to make it worth your while and you can 'unjoin' at any time.

If you're still reading this post you must be interested so feel free to fill in the form below. Upon signing up you will receive a welcome email in which you will be required to confirm your email address.  I look forward to putting your name in a hat and drawing it out next Sunday - 16th February.

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And if you're still reading this, have a look at the new family members I bought at a farmers' market today. Aren't they cute!

My new Apple Yard Ducks :)


  1. I suppose we are in a similar situation. My debut novel is out soon and I'm scrabbling around trying to drum up enthusiasm. I'm a traditionally published author but still have to do a bulk of the promotion. Good luck with the mailing list Aderyn and the new book!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Fran. I know that these days traditionally published authors have to work just as hard to promote their books as indie authors. Many publishing houses just don't have the marketing budget of the big six.

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  3. pretty nice blog, following :)