Friday, 30 October 2015

'The Borderlands: Journey' — Now available in paperback (read on to win a free copy)

I tend to spend most of my writing time ... writing. Crazy I know. So, jobs like getting around to making my novels available in print take a while to tick off the never-ending 'to do list'.

Finally, I have given myself that swift kick in the rear, and the first book of my 'Borderlands Trilogy' is now available for purchase on Amazon.

The paperback will look good on any bookshelf thanks to cover designer Taire Morrigan.

I always find it a struggle to say what the book is about in one statement, so here's what some of the reviews have said:

"The Borderlands is the first book in a mystery/fantasy series. It is a pleasant mixture of fantasy and magic combined with a coming of age story. The plot contains many twists and turns ending with what the reader would least expect." — Barbara Mojica 
"Borderlands: Journey is the beginning of a great coming of age story and it pretty much has it all, bold characters, wondrous settings and lots of fun twists." — azquim 
"How many of us growing up have had the feeling of not belonging? 'The Borderlands' is a wonderful tale about a girl who didn't fit in--with family or friends--until she discovered the place where she truly belonged." — Ronesa
If you'd like the opportunity to win a free paperback copy of The Borderlands: Journey, simply subscribe to my newsletter before the end of November. The draw is only open to my newsletter readers. The lucky winner will be drawn on the first of December and should receive the prize as a bonus Christmas present!
Good luck :)

Click here to read more about 'The Borderlands' series.

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