Friday, 17 June 2016

Get two books for only 0.99 – Super promo for 'The Viscount's Son' trilogy

Releasing a book always makes me feel generous, so this week you can ...

'The Viscount's Son' trilogy is a paranormal mystery featuring twenty-seven year old Emma, a book conservator who works in a famous museum, in a famous city. When Emma comes across a mysterious sixteenth century diary she is drawn into its pages, and decides to translate the passages on her anonymous blog. In time, a mysterious stranger comes into her life, one who is as exciting as he is dangerous. Emma wonders whether she should stop the blog, but is it too late?

This trilogy would appeal to fans of paranormal, vampire and mystery novels.  Get in soon to get your bargain!

From June 17th to 21st, The Viscount's Son (Book One) will be free on Amazon.

From June 16th to 22nd, The Earl's Daughter (Book Two) will be discounted to only 0.99 on Amazon and Amazon UK.

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