Monday, 24 October 2016

Like magical adventures? Get the first two books in 'The Borderlands' trilogy for just 0.99!

'The Borderlands' is a Contemporary Fantasy trilogy about a young misfit, Dale, and her quest to find out who she is and where she belongs. Get the first two books in this series for just 0.99!

If you love adventure, magic, otherworldly creatures and mystery in your fantasy, you'll love 'The Borderlands'.

"... a pleasant mixture of fantasy and magic combined with a coming of age story. The plot contains many twists and turns ending with what the reader would least expect." – Barbara Mojica, Goodreads reviewer

The Borderlands (Book One): Journey
Free everywhere Monday 24th - Friday 28th October

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The Borderlands (Book Two): War
Discounted to 0.99 Monday 24th - Monday 31st October
Discounted to 0.99 everywhere else Tuesday 1st October

Grab your copy now!

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