Monday, 28 March 2016

A to Z Blogging Challenge

This April I participated in the A-Z Blogging challenge.

I'm used the challenge as a quick way to get some articles up about my books. There are posts on characters, themes, settings and other aspects of my three series: The Borderlands, The Viscount's Son Trilogy, and The Secret Chronicles of Lost Magic.

Here's the topics:

A Friday 1st – Anton (The Raven)

B Saturday 2nd – The Borderlands

C Monday 4th – Cat (The Borderlands Journey)

D Tuesday 5th – Dale (The Borderlands Journey)

E Wednesday 6th – Emma (The Viscount's Son)

F Thursday 7th – Fae (The Borderlands Journey)

G Friday 8th – Gareth (The Borderlands Journey)

H Saturday 9th
– Historical Fantasy (The Viscount's Son)

I Monday 11th – Iluna (The Raven)

J Tuesday 12th – Jaral (The Borderlands Journey)

K Wednesday 13th – Kindle Unlimited (All)

L Thursday 14th – Light (The Raven)

M Friday 15th – The Malfir (The Raven)

N Saturday 16th – Nathaniel (The Viscount's Son)

O Monday 18th – Ona (The Raven)

P Tuesday 19th – Pentagram (The Viscount's Son)

Q Wednesday 20th – Queen Anwyn (The Borderlands Journey)

R Thursday 21st
– Raven (The Raven)

S Friday 22nd – Soragan (The Raven)

T Saturday 23rd – Totems (The Raven)

U Monday 25th – Unseelie (The Borderlands Journey)

V Tuesday 26th – Vampire (The Viscount's Son)

W Wednesday 27th – World Building (The Raven)

X Thursday 28th – Xaroth (The Raven)

Y Friday 29th – Yuli (The Raven)

Z Saturday 30th – Zodor (The Raven)

All posts focus on the first books of each series. The articles are for those who have read the books and are interested in more information, so there will be some spoilers.

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