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This is my very first post in the 2016 A-Z Blogging challenge, and as pointed out in my previous post, I'll be posting articles about characters, themes, settings and other ideas in my books. This first post is about a character called 'Anton' who is a main character in The Raven.


"His face bespoke a hunger of some kind and his eyes had that look of hope that she'd seen before."

A young Andy Gillet would make a perfect Anton.
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Anton is one of the point of view characters in The Raven. We first meet him when he is six years old and busy organising a group of children in their play. Like everyone else in the Wolf Clan, he didn't trust the clan's outcast, Iluna. But unlike all the others, he changes his mind about her.

Anton's most striking feature is his amber eyes.
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By the novel's end he is sixteen years old, which is considered an adult in the nomadic society in which he lives. His amber eyes remain his most striking physical attribute, and while his hair is dark brown like most of the Onan people, he keeps his clipped and in summer the tips become golden.

Anton's totem animal is the owl
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All the Clan members have a totem, and Anton's totem is the owl. Like the owl he watches, and is not quick to judge. He has the wisdom to come to his own conclusions. Also, like the owl, Anton is a swift hunter like his father, and is renowned for providing food for the clan. His eye for detail means he is also an effective forager, and he enjoys bringing gifts of vegetable roots, fruits and nuts to his mother.

Anton is a major character in The Raven

Anton's changing relationship with the protagonist Iluna is one of the most interesting threads in The Raven.

Some quotes from Anton:
"I want to play a new game. Let's hunt witches." 
"Don't be a fool, brother. She has much power; we all know this ... she is our last chance."
"I'm sorry about when we were younger ... I was young and foolish. I wish it had never happened."
"Ona, please forgive me. I did this for the Otter clan. I did it for my brother, Yuli. For Cypra, for Golldo, for Sethra, for all of our people who came under the spell of this evil man. And for Iluna. Please, look over her."

Do you have any questions about Anton? 

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