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"But remember the Second has two courts ... The Unseelie are dark and evil ..."

The Unseelie have various guises, many of them fearsome
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Be warned, some spoilers follow. In the second half of my Contemporary Fantasy novel, The Borderlands: Journey, we are introduced to the elusive Borderlands. Within this fantasy setting there are two opposing groups: the Seelie and the Unseelie. The Unseelie are disgruntled about their cold harsh territory and they are fighting for more land. Although, they're also fighting for something else ... power. The Unseelie are a mixed group of races including orcs, ghouls, trolls and more. In a word, they look fearsome. But some of the Unseelie look just as human as you or I.

The Unseelie lands are harsh and dark
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While the Seelie Court lives and flourishes in the bountiful South, the Unseelie live in the harsh, cold mountains of the North. While they have the physical characteristics to enable them to tolerate such a cold climate, and they've built cities dug deep into the mountains, many among them yearn for the warmth of the South. Moreover, there are those who simply simmer for more power, and the Unseelie constantly battle for more.

Can the Unseelie horde be stopped?
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A great battle over the neutral ground called the Verge – the land that separates the two courts – has begun, and soon it will become a full blown war. The Unseelie have a secret source of power, and the Seelie soon become uncertain of their future.

The Unseelie feature in
The Borderlands (Book One): Journey

Some quotes about the Unseelie:

"... the Unseelie, they have many different appearances ... there are orcs and trolls and many ugly beings. But some of them look just as beautiful as you do, or as handsome as I." 
"Somehow the Unseelie seem to know about you." 
"If the Unseelie weren't stopped they could end up in Arcadia."

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