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"A man sat a a shadowy corner table. He swirled a glass of wine. The momentary glow of his cigarette as he inhaled revealed a handsome face, framed in black silk hair, and dark eyes that looked directly at me."

Colin Farrell has the right 'look' for Nathaniel
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Nathaniel is a major character in The Viscount's Son – a paranormal novella, and if you don't want to read any spoilers look away now. Nathaniel Chartley was born in the sixteenth century and is the bastard son of a Viscount. He is also the captain of his father's war band. When a gypsy troupe arrives in his village for a summer fayre his is rather taken with a mysterious woman who tells fortunes – but only once the sun goes down.

The Gypsy woman has an eternal effect on Nathaniel
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There is more to the gypsy than meets the eye, but Nathaniel can't keep his mind from her. He falls irrevocably under her spell, and his life is changed forever.

Nathaniel is irrevocably changed
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Nathaniel writes of his tormenting new life in a diary that is left behind when he leaves his country in an attempt to find the gypsy woman and get some answers. Centuries later, the diary finds its way into the hands of a young woman called Emma, the main character in The Viscount's Son.

Nathaniel is a major character in
The Viscount's Son

Some quotes from Nathaniel:

"It has been a year since my spirit left me a broken man ... Heed the warning in these pages and beware." 
"I recall shivering despite the heat and my hand crossed my heart – a fickle attempt to ward off evil." 
"She had me. I was in utter awe of her charms, and they were many." 
"My face was white, like winter. An inflamed festering wound pronounced itself on the side of my neck."

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