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"The skin of my throat gave way under the piercing bite."

It all began with the Gypsy woman
Image care of Peter Gundry

It's not much of a spoiler to mention that The Viscount's Son trilogy is a vampire series. But what kind of vampires? Well, that is part of the mystery that begins with the first book, The Viscount's Son and continues with the second, The Earl's Daughter (due for release next month). The oldest vampire we meet in the trilogy is the elusive Gypsy woman. But her motivations for what she does remains a mystery; one that some characters want to get to the bottom of.

My vamps are more traditional than sparkly
Image care of Inna Vjuzhanina
The vampire mythology is a fascinating one. To be so powerful and vulnerable creates quite a point for tension. The vampire's sense of morality is also a fun characteristic to explore. They are driven by raw needs and hunger, but their humanity still lingers to some degree. The vampires in The Viscount's Son trilogy are based more on traditional mythologies than their modern, sparkly counterparts. They are, in their most basic form, monsters. And, while they are indeed immortal, they have weaknesses that subscribe to the traditional mythology, such as sunlight, that will end their existence.

The second book explores the mysterious world of vampires

Can a wooden stake kill a vampire? Do vampires read minds? And what has happened to Emma? All of these questions and more are answered in The Earl's Daughter, the second book in the trilogy.

Vampires feature in
The Viscount's Son

Some relevant quotes:

"... in the dim dusk light, I studied the welt. There were two puncture wounds. Twin pricks, round, red, and sore." 
"How stupid I had been. Did I think she loved me?" 
"They came at dusk. We waited in ambush."

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