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"When he smiled he looked even more elfish. His eye teeth were extended, like fangs ... His eyes were bright violet, like two amethysts set amongst dark lashes. Then she saw his ears. They came to a delicate fine point."

A young Chris Hemsworth would be a pretty good fit for the role of Jaral
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Jaral is a major character in The Borderlands trilogy, though he isn't introduced until near the end of The Borderlands: Journey, so if you haven't read it yet, be warned, this post is a little bit spoiler-ish. Jaral lives in the Borderlands, but he is originally from a planet called Dryadalis. Like, Dale, he is a changeling, unlike Dale, he has a very elfin look about him. It was difficult to find an actor who came close to matching Jaral's physical characteristics, but a young Chris Hemsworth comes pretty close.

Jaral is both a sorcerer and a warrior
Image care of G.J. Art
Jaral is sent to meet Dale as soon as she arrives in the Borderlands. From him, Dale learns of the coming war between the Seelie and the Unseelie. Jaral is both an accomplished sorcerer and a warrior, and he will be expected to play a part in the coming war. He is also charming and, according to some, not to be trusted.

Jaral's Hysbryd is Belor
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In the Borderlands, the only transport available is in the form of horses, unless you are a sorcerer and can create your own portal. Jaral's horse is the formidable Belor, who is also Jaral's hysbryd – a creature in which the sorcerer shares a special bond.

Jaral is a major character in  The Borderlands (Book One): Journey

Some quote from Jaral:

"He told me of your beauty, of your eyes. Are you aware that I have never seen an Earthen with green eyes?" 
"Welcome to Arcadia ... The jewel of the Borderlands." 
"Many people are interested in seeing you now, Dale. Best work on that blush."

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