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"With no light to frighten them away, the spirits of Malfiren were free to wreak their terror."

The Malfir are dark spirits that attempt to feed on the light of the living
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In The Raven, the clan people fear dark spirits called the Malfir – a constant threat as they seek to destroy the inner light within each person. But, it is light that frightens the Malfir, and the soragan (spirit leader) of each clan has a responsibility to use the light to protect them from being consumed by the darkness of the Malfir.

The clan people can only imagine what the Malfir look like
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To the gifted, the Malfir only appear as dark shadows, but the clan people have imagined the gruesome appearance the Malfir spirits' form takes. They are ghoulish and ghastly.

Every clan has a dark place for sacrifice
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To appease the Malfir, it is common practice for each clan to make a sacrifice to the dark spirits in winter. Every clan has a place in their winter lands for such a purpose. Some clans, such as the Wolf, even have a stone altar. Usually animals such as wolves, deer and oxen are sacrificed. Many years ago, the Onan people used to sacrifice babies to keep the Malfir appeased, but that practice is not so common any more, or is it?

The Malfir are featured in
The Raven (The Secret Chronicles of Lost Magic Book 1)

Some quotes about the Malfir:

"It is time for us to appease the Malfir once more." 
"The winter altar was a dark, grim place, so different to the altars in their spring and summer lands. It was, after all, a place where they normally sacrificed to the Malfir." 
"The Malfir may find them and corrupt them, using their powers for evil."

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