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"The great hunter didn't bother with a cloak to protect him from the icy rain ... Zodor's unbound hair whipped around him and his muscles, like carved flint, gleamed in the flashes of lightning that still flicked through the night."

Jason Momoa would be perfect for the role of Zodor
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Zodor is only twenty-five summers at the start of The Raven, and rather young to be an elder in the Circle of Eight. But with his air of authority and his status as a strong hunter, he has garnered much respect within the Wolf clan. He is husband to Ida and father to both Anton and Yuli. Jason Momoa would be a perfect fit for the role of Zodor.

Zodor's skills as a hunter are unsurpassed
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Zodor is a famed hunter, and all eight clans know of his skill. This earns him much respect and is probably the reason why he became the unspoken leader of the Wolf – a role that traditionally sits with a clan's soragan. But, even Zodor the great hunter can make mistakes. One night in midwinter he travels with a small band after visiting the Bear clan. Everyone knows the danger of making such a journey in winter – this is why it is avoided. Zodor's life is threatened after an attack from a mountain cat, and the Wolf clan's sense of security is shaken.

Ironically, the mountain cat is Zodor's totem
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It is more than ironic that Zodor was attacked by the very animal that is his totem. One might suggest it is suspicious – does someone know of Zodor's totem and wishes to cause him harm?

Zodor is a major character in
The Raven (The Secret Chronicles of Lost Magic Book 1)
Some quotes from Zodor:

"Then she would make a generous sacrifice, perhaps prevent any further tragedy this Ilun." 
"You are mad ... you've seen her evil." 
"Much evil has befallen us, son. Too much. It has to stop ... It has to stop now."

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