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"A black carriage, led by a solitary black horse, followed the caravan. It was enclosed completely – no windows. All manner of symbols and pentagrams were painted across it."

The pentagram becomes an important symbol in The Viscount's Son trilogy
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The pentagram is a well known symbol that has reappeared throughout history in various cultures, and more recently, in the occult. In ancient Egypt its hieroglyph meant rebirth, or the womb to the underworld, and this symbolism plays an important role in The Viscount's Son trilogy.

The pentagram is first seen on a mysterious carriage
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The pentagram symbol is first seen in The Viscount's Son by Nathaniel, when he watches a strange and mysterious black carriage pulled by a solitary black horse enter his village. As the carriage passes by, he notices the pentagrams painted on the carriage's dark panels, and he crosses himself in an effort to ward off evil.

Could Egypt hold the answers?
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In The Viscount's Son, Emma discovers more about the mysteries of the pentagram whilst on a dig in Egypt:
"I managed to do some research while I was there and it seems that in Egypt the pentagram was a symbol of the womb of the underground that gave birth to all things evil."

The pentagram features in
The Viscount's Son

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