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"There on a thick branch of the oak, sat a bird similar to the crows of their summer lands, but different. Its feathers were so dark they seemed to shine with a blue gleam. It was much larger, too, and the feathers under its beak gathered, as though it wore a beard."

The raven
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Obviously, with a book called The Raven, ravens are going to play a major part in the story. And one raven is very important to the story. The Onan tribes are observant about nature, and many creatures and plants become symbolic portents. Those with the gift of magic are able to read omens through them. The raven is one creature who is not to be trusted, for they exist in all worlds – the good, the neutral and the evil side of nature.

Ravens dwell in all realms, but where does they loyalty lie?
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Ravens dwell in both night and day, they associate with the Benevolent ones, the Malfir, and humans. So where do they place their loyalty? The old tales, from the Dream Days, suggest they only serve themselves.

Iluna has a strong connection to ravens
Spoiler alert! Iluna, the protagonist in The Raven, has a strong connection with ravens, in fact, the raven is her totem animal. Some see this as further evidence Iluna should be cast out from her clan altogether. Certainly, the Onan people have faced ill luck in recent times, and many believe that Iluna is the cause.

Ravens play a major part in
The Raven (The Secret Chronicles of Lost Magic Book 1)
Some quotes about the raven:

" 'Leave,' Iluna said, for she did not want to trust it. The bird obeyed, flapping large glossy wings and flying off through the canopy to the darkening sky." 
"They were evil birds and their powers were used by evil witches to hunt little boys and eat them." 
"... this raven was different. It seemed in control of its own destiny and no one else could get a grip of it."

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