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"Zodor's youngest son, Yuli, had a strong light and was born at an auspicious time – during Agria, the festival of Light. It made sense that he could become Izhur's novice in the future."

Avan Jogia would be perfect cast as Yuli

Yuli is one of the major characters in The Raven. We first meet him when he is just four summers old, and it is clear from the start he is spoilt. His father, Zodor, is a powerful leader and hunter in the Wolf clan, and has high hopes for his son who has the Gift of magic. Zodor believes Yuli should be groomed to become the next soragan for the Wolf – such an honour would make him proud. Avan Jogia would be perfect cast in the role of Yuli as a young man.

After his hermitage, Yuli returns to the clan, mysteriously changed
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Like all soragan prentices, Yuli is required to spend a full summer and winter in isolation on his hermitage. When he returns, there is a noticeable change in his appearance – he is much thinner, and his demeanor is altered – all remnants of his childhood sulkiness are gone, he is now serious and solemn. Yuli's mother worries that dark forces are at play and voices her concerns to Soragan Izhur. And she is right to be concerned.

Yuli's totem is the wolf
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Yuli's totem is the wolf. He has a secret goal to be able to bind with with his totem animal and become a wolf himself, giving him much power. But such a ritual requires considerable energy, and not everyone is convinced Yuli has what it takes.

Yuli is a major character in
The Raven (The Secret Chronicles of Lost Magic Book 1)

Some quotes from Yuli:

"You were talking to a raven? They are evil ... I knew you were a witch." 
"Malfir! Spirits of Malfir, hear me. For I have need of you and will make this promise in your sight." 
"Power ... I want power!"

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