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Queen Anwyn

"... a beautiful woman, tall and statuesque with long blond hair that cascaded in braids around her slender frame."

Rosamund Pike has the right look for Queen Anwyn
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Queen Anwyn becomes an increasingly important character in The Borderlands trilogy. She first appears in the final part of Book One: Journey, and it is clear from the moment she appears that she has a striking presence. Such a character would need to be played by an actress who is both beautiful and a little 'elfish' in her appearance. Rosamund Pike has the right look for such a role.

Queen Anwyn is leader of the Seelie Court
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If you haven't read The Borderlands: Journey, you may want to look away now – spoilers ahead! Queen Anwyn is the leader of the Seelie Court and rules from her seat in Arcadia, located in the Seelie half of the Borderlands. Her task is a grave and lonely one, and she yearns for her reunion with her daughter. 

A grave responsibility rests on the queen's shoulders
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The Unseelies are rapidly gaining ground and a war is brewing at the Verge – the stretch of land that divides Seelie from Unseelie in the Borderlands. Every decision about the battle must be made by the queen. She has a plan, but will it work? And how many lives will be lost?

Queen Anwyn is a major character in
The Borderlands (Book One): Journey
Some quotes from Queen Anwyn:

"I'm sorry. It must have been a shock to hear but we wanted to tell you as soon as we could ... I don't want any secrets between us." 
"Of good and evil. The scales have tipped; it is – unnatural." 
"You are safe now, he cannot hurt you here. He wouldn't dare."

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