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One of my favourite characters in The Borderlands: Journey is Cat ...

Cat, the Scottish Wildcat, and a favourite character in The Borderlands: Journey
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Cat is a Scottish wildcat who somehow wound up living in the city rather than the mountains where he belongs. He is a most unusual cat. Yes, he is independent, often aloof and rather stubborn, but unlike his fellow felines he likes water. Or, more accurately he likes to sail.

Give the choice Cat would rather laze around at sea.
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In The Borderlands: Journey, Cat lives with an old homeless man called Gareth. Gareth owns a small sailing boat, and Gareth and Cat spend most days sailing the Clyde River. 

There's more to Cat than meets the eye.
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But there's more to Cat than meets the eye ...

Okay, spoiler alert. If you don't want to learn one of The Borderlands' magical secrets than look away now. Cat is a very special creature, known in the Borderlands as a Hysbryd. Such animals have the ability to form a strong bond with a sorcerer. (Double spoiler), Cat is Gareth's hysbryd, as such Gareth can use Cat's knowledge and see through his eyes to get more information in any given situation. Sorcery masters can even borrow their Hysbryd's bodies for a time, shifting in to them, or replicating their image to remain concealed.

Cat is a major character in  The Borderlands (Book One): Journey
Some quotes about Cat:

"Cat mewed and prowled the bow, looking at Dale every so often and then at Nancy, as though asking her silently to do something about the damn bird." 
" 'Moaaaaoooooor!'Dale's eyes opened and she bolted awake. Before her stood Cat, drenched." 
" 'Are you happy, Cat? You hurt her.'He didn't even bother looking up as he licked his forepaw and brushed the back of an ear."

Do you have any questions about Cat?

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