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"My name is Emma. I work at a very large and famous museum, in a city that is also large and famous."

Felicity Jones would be a good fit as Emma.
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Emma is the main character in my paranormal novella, The Viscount's Son. British actress, Felicity Jones would be perfect in the role as Emma – although she would require a short hair cut and light hair colour.

Emma finds an ancient diary that draws her into a mysterious new world.
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Emma is a book conservator whose job entails working with ancient texts. She loves history, especially the Sixteenth Century, and when she comes across a diary from that very era she cannot resist its mystery. Her colleague, Jack, believes the diary is a fake, but Emma is not so sure, and she embarks on a mission to translate the intriguing story within the diary's pages on to a blog.

The attentions of a tall dark stranger changes Emma's life forever.
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When Emma goes out for a night of dancing with her good friend Amelie, she notices a handsome stranger watching her. After that night nothing will be the same for Emma and as her love life accelerates she begins to see strange parallels between her new romance and the diary. Emma wonders if she should stop the blog, but is it too late?

Emma is the main character in  The Viscount's Son
Some quotes from Emma:

"So, I have decided to translate the seemingly dark tale this little book tells, and transcribe it in this blog ... I think there is more to it than meets the eye." 

"The momentary glow of his cigarette as he inhaled revealed a handsome face, framed in black silk hair, and dark eyes that looked directly at me." 

"When I started this blog the intention was to simply translate and discuss the diary, but it has turned into so much more. You, my anonymous readers, are the ones to whom I can reveal all my secrets."

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