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"They must listen, for Ona had surely spoken this night."

Ona is the Great Mother
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Ona is a divine entity who appears (in some form) in The Raven. She is considered to be the Great Mother who made all that there is in the world, and she rules over seven lesser Benevolent Ones who each rule over some part of the world. The eight Benevolent Ones and their domains are: 
Ona – creation, daysun
Goda – spirits and death, nightsun 
Imbrit – dreams, moon
Atoll – justice, stars
Mittha – health, rivers
Uton – fortune, oceans
Tonat – gathering, forests
Shephet – hunting, animals

The lush Ona's Valley
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Once every eight years, all of Ona's people travel for many days to meet in the lush Ona's Valley where they celebrate a festival of light and give thanks to Ona. The Valley is owned by "no tribe, but all."

Ona's power is limitless
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Ona's power is infinite and eternal, and can manifest through people, particularly those with the gift of magic. This is demonstrated very early in The Raven when she intervenes with lightning to save a child's life. 

Some quotes about Ona:

"I tell you, she is not a sacrifice, she is a gift from Ona herself." 
"Ona, Great Mother, open your protective shield to us." 
"The mother, Ona, lived in the same space as the Malfir, but she always in the light, and they always in the dark."

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