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"Xaroth's authority filled the space with the quiet hiss of his voice."

Ben Kingsley would be perfect cast as Xaroth

Xaroth is a major character in my Fantasy novel The Raven. He is the Grand Soragan, leader of all soragans and their quest to uphold the traditions of their magic. Ben Kingsley would be a perfect fit for Xaroth, although he'd have to be aged about ten years or so. If you haven't yet read The Raven, you might want to look away now – spoilers follow.

As a young prentice, Xaroth's hermitage changed his life forever
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No one knows how old Xaroth is, only that he's probably older than any other person in all eight clans. Some grow suspicious about it, wondering if Xaroth hasn't used some form of magic to aid his longevity – and well they should be suspicious. But his power remains unquestioned. The soragans know of his magical abilities and even his age doesn't impede his practice. Xaroth is famed for the gift he brought back to the clans after his hermitage – the long stretch of time that each prentice must complete in order to finalise their novitiate. After a long spell of meditation, an incredible magical secret was unveiled to him (at least, that's how he tells them it happened) – bronze magic. Xaroth learned how to make metal implements using certain rocks dug up from the soil and melted on hot fires. Clan members now use the bronze magic to make knives and tips for spears, making their hunting implements more effective.

Xaroth's totem is the snake
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It is known among the soragans that some of them, the older ones, have the power to bind with their totem animal – essentially becoming that creature, and Xaroth also has this power. He shares his totem with his clan, the Snake, and this is thought to give him more power – but does he use it for good, or for evil?

Xaroth is a major character in
The Raven (The Secret Chronicles of Lost Magic Book 1)

Some quotes from Xaroth:

"You know how she came into this world? I've heard some wild statements from Izhur. Nothing from a rational mind. I'd appreciate hearing your view of things." 
"Safe is good, for all of us, Izhur. One does wonder how such evil has come to pass. I'm sure you take my meaning." 
"I am the most powerful soragan of all Ona's clans. My gift for foresight is unsurpassed. Yes, I have seen the evils that befall us, but I have also seen a path to our survival."

Do you have any questions about Xaroth?

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