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"This child, she has an extraordinary light."

Every person has an inner light in The Raven
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Light plays a major roles in the magic system in The Raven. It is a well known fact among the clan people, that every individual person has a secret inner light. This light can only be seen by those who hold the Gift of magic. The more bright a person's inner light, the more powerful their magical abilities. Iluna, the protagonist of the novel, has the strongest light known, but she quickly learns how to hide it.

Those with the Gift often use their light to repel malevolent spirits
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Where there is light, there is also darkness, and in The Raven those with the gift must draw on their light to repel evil spirits known as the Malfir. But drawing on such power is exhausting for the magic user, and the Malfir can only be repelled for so long.

Light also plays a part in the seasons and planetary events
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Light is also significant in The Raven in terms of the clans' seasonal calendar. The Onan people are nomadic and live in eight separate clans. But every eight years a wonderous event occurs in which the nightsun (a close planet), the moon and Atoll's Star all appear in the night sky for a week. It means that nighttime becomes filled with an eerie blue light, and as the event always occurs in high summer, the eight clans all merge to witness it and share in the spoils of a large festival of light they call 'Agria'. Of course, the following winter the opposite happens and even the daysun disappears for a time. This dark period is known as 'Ilun' and is filled with nightmares and evil spirits.

Light plays a major role in
The Raven (The Secret Chronicles of Lost Magic Book 1)
Some quote about light:

"Neria's womb pulsed with a strong golden light; so powerful, it was like trying to look at the daysun." 
"Zodor's youngest son, Yuli, had a strong light and was born at an auspicious time – during Agria, the festival of Light." 
"The magical light caused by the three night bodies was beautiful and healing, and people wanted to experience every moment of it."

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