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"This is your burden, you are our Soragan now."

Daniel Day Lewis has the perfect features for Soragan Izhur
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Soragans are a type of magic-user who feature in The Raven. Heavily inspired by Shamanism, the Soragan is the unspoken leader of a clan. Izhur is the new Soragan of the Wolf clan. He is lean and driven. Daniel Day Lewis would be the perfect fit for the role of Izhur.

The Soragans meet every Agria
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Every eight years the clans come together for the festival of light – Agria. At the festival, each soragan is formally recognised for their magical accomplishments in a secret ceremony, and they are awarded ceremonial beads to exhibit their expertise.

The ways of the Soragan are secretive and mysterious
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The magic practiced by the Soragans is kept a secret among the clans, and this contributes to the reverence given to them. For they lead the way...

Soragans are part of the mythology in
The Raven (The Secret Chronicles of Lost Magic Book 1)

Some quotes about Soragans:

"The beads marked him as Soragan."

"The best Soragans are women in my opinion."

"The eight Soragans stood in a perfect circle around the evenfire while the few novices tended the flames..."

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