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"If an enemy knows of your totem, they can cast injurious spells."

One's totem must remain secret
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In The Raven the clan people each have a secret totem in which their inner self is linked to a creature of nature. This creature symbolises the characteristics of the individual, but he or she also shares a connection with the animal in the Otherworld. It is important that one's totem is kept secret so that an enemy cannot cast a sinister spell.  It is the role of the clan's soragan to know the totem of all clan members, so that if an individual falls ill, the soragan can aid in the Otherworld.

Each clan also has a totem
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Individuals are not the only ones with totems. Each clan also shares a totem. There are eight clans altogether which are: the Wolf, the Bear, the Eagle, the Ox, the Otter, the Lion, the Deer and the Snake. It is considered great luck to have the same personal totem as one's clan, and even better luck for the clan's Soragan. Having the same totem as one's clan is considered to give the soragan great powers.

Some soragans have the power to bind
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Binding is shrouded in secrecy, although Dream Day stories featuring it abound, and clan elders enjoy telling frightening tales around the evenfire. But, older soragans have knowledge of it and the energy-sapping ritual required to aid a gifted soragan in the process of binding, and ultimately becoming their totem animal. Once the initial binding ceremony has been successfully achieved, the soragan will be able to bind with their totem animal at will.

Totems are an important feature in
The Raven (The Secret Chronicles of Lost Magic Book 1)

Some quotes about totems:
"Such a totem would be most unlucky." 
"Drink so that the essence of your totem may give you power to defend your clan against the constant threat of Malfir." 
"When he binds with his totem he becomes that animal, physically changed."

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