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There's a plethora of writing quotes out there, and I often love to do some googling for a quick inspiration hit. This one by Toni Morrison is my all time favourite:

This quote encapsulates the core of my values and beliefs about writing. But, as any writer will tell you, the complexity of writing cannot be reduced to any single statement.

Writing is bloody hard. It's not until you sit down and start doing it that you realise the torment and self-doubt that it can incite. However, it's also one of the most enjoyable things to do – to put your words on paper, and in the process, create worlds with magical settings and complex characters.

Since I started my writing journey on this blog, I've accumulated a number of articles on writing, the writing process and useful resources. I hope they are interesting to other writers too.

Feel free to browse these writing categories. As I am a fantasy author, there may be a strong lean in that direction, but I hope you find something useful.

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