Saturday, 31 May 2014

'The Borderlands: Journey' Cover Reveal

After two years of dreaming up, writing and editing the story, I am finally ready to publish my next novel - The Borderlands - Book One: Journey.  It will be published next weekend and you'll be able to purchase the kindle edition at Amazon. Members of my mailing list will be eligible to get a free copy of the book (and it's not too late to sign up).

This is a post to reveal the book's cover so without further ado - here it is!

The cover art is so much better than what I originally dreamt up. For that I can thank the artist Taire Morrigan (her art is seriously worth a look), who overcame a number of obstacles and a fussy author to create a beautiful graphical representation of a key thread in the story - Dale and her quest to find the mystical Borderlands.

The Borderlands: Journey is the first book in a trilogy that tells the story of a journey Dale must take to find the mystical place which is this series' namesake. Here's the blurb -
Dale has never felt a sense of belonging. She despises the bullies and snobs at school, and her family are difficult to like, let alone love. Rhys, a new boy at school seems to take an interest in her. But can she trust him? When the only friend she has ever had, Old Man Gareth, is murdered before her eyes, she is set on a frantic journey and a lonely adventure; the Borderlands beckon. But what are the Borderlands? Will she make it to them? And if she gets there, will she belong?
The novel will be categorised as a contemporary fantasy at Amazon, but I think it's also a coming of age and adventure story. To read more, check out my previous posts here and here. And stay tuned, later in the week I'll reveal a little more of 'Borderlands' to further pique your interest!

I'd love to read your thoughts on the cover!

Monday, 26 May 2014

Want a sneak peek at my new book cover?

I'll be revealing the cover for my new book 'The Borderlands: Journey' this weekend. But, if you're curious to see it, I am giving an exclusive sneak peek at the cover for all of my mailing list subscribers.

Feel free to join to get a look at it yourself!

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