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My own brand of fantasy is on display, and you will notice that I write within the wide ranging sub-genres of paranormal, contemporary and epic fantasy. Yup, if it's fantasy I'll write it and all its creatures – wizards, sprites, elves, vampires, sorcerers, demons, and of course dwarfs – they all get a mention in at least one series. My books have a sense of adventure and mystery, and I can't resist a good twist. I love to keep my readers guessing.

I'm an avid reader of fantasy and I especially enjoy keeping an eye out for quality Indie fantasy fiction. Check out some of my reviews to find some outstanding fantasy reads that offer something different from the 'same old' books in trad publishing.

If you're a writer, you'll notice I enjoy sharing experiences and lessons I've learnt on my writing journey. I hope they can be useful and interesting to others.

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